The NEW line of  COASTERS, and COASTER KITS, add another fly fishing accent to your everyday living.  Available as a finished set of four, the sets can be purchased with either beautifully tied Hairwing Salmon Flies, or Traditional Streamer Flies mounted in the coaster.  The KITS come with everything needed (except the clear silicone sealant) for you to install your own flies.

 The coaster bodies measure 4 ½” x 4 ½”, and are made from solid 1 ¼” thick oak.  They have a 3 ¼” diameter hole drilled ¾” deep for the fly, and a lip to mount the glass that is 3 ½” in diameter.  Each set of KITS comes with four wood coaster bodies, four pieces of glass, neutral matboard inserts for background, Lucite mounting rod and assembly instructions.                                                                     

Each finished set contains four coasters with either a Hairwing Salmon Fly, or a Traditional Streamer Fly in each coaster.  The Salmon Fly patterns are:  Rusty Rat, Green Rat, Blue Rat, and Miramichi Cosseboom.  The Streamer Fly patterns are:  Black Ghost, Royal Coachman, Mickey Finn, and Black Nose Dace.

AS A KIT     $43.50